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Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. ~Ernestine Ulmer Almost every body loves desserts and has their own preferences. Mine is crème brûlée. I have no idea what make me really into this custard based dessert. Digging into my memories, the first time I tried this dessert was because of my curiosity. I remember watching one of Master Chef US episode that featured a creme brulee: the so called hunting began soon after that episode was aired. Last weekend, I finally reunited with it after a long time. We went to Gandaria City, partly to try the famous Pablo Cheese Tart – which was a failedRead More →

I never know that writing need a cause. I simply love to write. Since my childhood time, I write about anything. Like any little girl, I owned a diary filled with my emotions. I was a pretty dark girl: stormy mood, full of anger and shyness, not a good combination. My diary was full with stories about how I mad at someone or how something depressed me – any negative emotion, really. Channeling my negative emotions through diary was succeed in making me calm, so anybody back then knew me as an ordinary smiley girl. I remember one day, I had enough of my self:Read More →

Like usual, as a challenge for my self to blog more, I sign up to a writing challenge/course. Since the Blogging U now has the on demand program, It is more convenient for me. I already signed up to some course, so there will be many thematic posts coming in the future. I want to set my mind right in the blogging vibe for this upcoming years, just to discipline my self. Juggling in motherhood, full time employee and part time lecturer : I know it won’t be easy. At least I want to try. So, for the day one task of Branding and Growth,theseRead More →

It is that time of the year again, where everyone is posting their #bestnine in Instagram.. and here I am, pretending that I haven’t been neglecting this blog for a whole year. 😀 So, how’s life? 2016 is magical year! at least for me.. I have a SON. Whew! I can’t believe it either, but I am living it. Born in early May, by Caesarean Section in Kemang Medical Care Women and Children Hospital.. Let’s just call him “Baby Z” Being a mother for Baby Z is my highlight of the year. hmm.. This long hiatus from writing really damage the quality of my post.Read More →

Ever since my mind full of wedding plan, the honeymoon plan is also included. I always wanted to spend the honeymoon in a room with private pool because I really want to swim without my long full coverage swimsuit (still not naked, sorry 😆 ). Since I am a full time procrastinator, my research for possible honeymoon destination is begun in the end of April while I have to leave for my hometown in early may. 😀 The first destination ever crossed my mind was Bintan Island, as it is not too far from Pekanbaru and not too crowded. My dream destination turned out toRead More →