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Deep thoughts and etc

-Ruang Tim Evaluasi Kinerja- *telepon berdering* Saya: “Halo” Penelepon (Bapak-bapak): “Halo.. ruangan tim *** ya?” Saya: “Iya benar pak, dari siapa pak?” Penelepon: “Saya ***** dari **, Ada anggota tim yang laki-laki, mbak?” Saya: “Ada

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Screenshot.. My kind of happiness.. 🙂 thanks for making my day @AnnBrashares #TheHereAndNow View on Path

Personal space in a public place… …this post is originally posted in sync of my Path account. Quite easy. 😀

The first impression of this faculty is made back when I have an interview at the admission, in 2005 and it was a very good impression. The interview went well and rather fun, so relax

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Apa pula itu judul postnya? haha.. yang jelas, lagi merasa sepengalaman dengan lagu ini. I always love Sherina’s work. Genious! Tak mau lagi aku percaya Pada semua kasih sayangmu Tak mau lagi aku tersentuh Pada

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One thing that had to be done. Step out of my comfort zone. Happy 25 for me! ^_^

I always love September because it’s Hogwart time! Have you board the Hogwart Express yesterday? Welcome September, be nice.. @darkjasm

So, I have this one friend, kind of best friend of mine. He (yes, a man) is unique but I love him, even before he started to be my silent reader. :p Couple of days

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